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Po-Ne 11-23

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Best divadlo - Largo Desolato

BEST presents another show this season, this time you will get the chance to see Václav Havel's Largo Desolato!

Tickets are available on GoOut.en or you can purchase them directly on the spot.
Price for adults: 250,-
Price for students and seniors: 125,-

And what can you look forward to?
This is a simple message about a man. A fragile human being who is fighting for his identity with an impersonal authority from his own living room. A czech play by Václav Havel about a strange contradiction between the real possibilities of a man and a role assigned to him by his own work, fate and environment. It's easy to know in theory how to live but then it's really difficult to live that way. Wherever there is a man there is struggle.
The performance language is English.

Director: Filip Daňhel
Assistant Director: Ivana Daňhelová
Professor Leopold Nettles: Matthew Dallesandro
Betram: Nicolas Damoiseau
Suzana: Anita Andrášová
Lucy: Jitka Müllerová
Marguerite: Natálie Rivolová
First Sidney: Ondrej Bajcar
Second Sidney: Sanny Frančeková
First Chap: Klara Pazmanova
Second Chap: Alex Comanescu